Doomtown Reloaded Faith and Fear

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El primer Pine Box para Doomtown Reloaded viene con un total de 148 cartas (4 copias de carta excepto 1 de cada outfit), e introduce las mecánicas de Blessed & Miracles.

Doomtown Reloaded Pinebox. a total of 148 cards (4 copies of each card except outfits, 1 of each). New Blessed dudes and Miracles. Base set needed.

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Gomorra needs a Revival! After the disastrous Election Day, Gomorra seems like a town devoid of mercy or grace, but there are some devoted to the work of the divine. Bringing blessings and simple compassion, these souls seek not only to raise up the meek, but drive out those who would destroy. But can the same be said of the new mayor? Faith and Fear is the first Pinebox set for Doomtown: Reloaded and introduces the new Blessed dudes and their miracles. But of course other forces are always at work, and you'll find many new cards for all your favorite factions, including four entirely new outfit cards!

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